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13 November 2018 - Sydney Becomes Buyers' Market

Falling property prices signify a muted end to the booming Sydney market, with prices continuing to decline in key parts of the city. While the Reserve Bank has yet to make a move, banks seem cautious about the new conditions as they raise interest rates and initiate more cautious lending practices. Despite the decline, most people are expecting a mild decrease in prices over a lengthy period of time rather than a housing market crash. Some experts have already come out saying that Sydney is now a buyers' market, with the rate of decline seeming to stabilise over recent months as the amount of stock continues to grow.    

09 November 2018 - Leading Tech Products This Christmas

Christmas is just around the corner, which means it's almost time to get out your credit card and start shopping. From new gaming devices and wearable fitness gadgets through to household tech and mobile speakers, technology always plays an important role during the holiday period. Let's take a look at some of the best tech products available this year, to give you some ideas for gifts to place under the tree.


06 November 2018 - The Health Effects of Microplastics

Plastics are a common feature of modern life, with different types of plastics found in everything from the clothes we wear through to the beauty products we put on our skin. While these moldable polymers are ubiquitous and can be highly useful, they have also been associated with a range of problematic health issues. Microplastics are causing particular concern among healthcare professionals, with these tiny pieces of plastic either directly added to consumer products or created accidentally when larger plastics break down.


02 November 2018 - Bike Use Around the World

When it comes to cycling culture and infrastructure, some countries have a much better approach than others. While there are more than one billion bicycles in the world, the distribution curve is far from equal. Some cities embrace bikes with open arms, and others seem reticent to set up bike-friendly infrastructure. If adopted, bike use is more than just a way to get around your favourite city, it also has the ability to improve your health and reduce your carbon footprint. Let's take a look at the most bicycle friendly destinations on Earth and how they differ from the struggling bike culture in Australia and New Zealand.


17 October 2018 - Prices Keep Dropping

Property prices in Australia have fallen for 12 consecutive months according to the latest CoreLogic data. While the current slide is still mild by historic standards, some reports are forecasting much bigger falls over the next 12 months. There are already clear warning signs of renewed downward pressure, with national demand falling, auction clearance rates continuing to slide across the country, and Melbourne overtaking Sydney as Australia's weakest housing market.


15 October 2018 - How to Improve Your Memory

As the years roll by and the wrinkles start to develop, we have more to look back on but less faculty for doing so. While decreasing memory as we get older might seem like one of life's tricks, there are lots of things we can do to improve our recall and upgrade our state of mind. Memory is a complicated process that’s made up of numerous brain activities, which means this task can be tackled in a few different ways.


12 October 2018 - Spring Cleaning that Counts

Spring is well and truly here, with more light in the day both increasing the warmth of your home and highlighting the dust in its corners. More than just a bridge between winter and summer, spring is a time to start fresh, a time to hit the reset button on everything that has been and lay the foundations for a better tomorrow. Spring cleaning is well-established across much of the world, with this practical and effective ritual helping you to take stock and get your home ready for the summer ahead.


12 October 2018 - How Low Will the Aussie Dollar Go?

The Aussie dollar plunged to two-and-a-half year lows last week, with some forecasters predicting even lower levels in the weeks and months to come. While the market has showed some buoyancy to recover from a low of 70.41 US cents, a strong greenback and rising international tensions have some experts predicting the dollar to fall well into the 60s by next year. While currency movements are almost impossible to predict, the future of the Aussie dollar will depend greatly on the yield spread with the greenback and the domestic terms of trade.


05 October 2018 - World's Most Expensive Art

The world of fine art is shrouded in mystery, especially when it comes to the top end of the market. While most of the world's famous masterpieces are owned by museums in Europe and rarely sold, there is an active private auction market for some high profile works. In order to determine the value of a piece of art, it's important to differentiate between museum paintings and those owned by private collectors. While old master works in museums are valued extremely high, most of them will never be available for private sale.


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